A Youtube and Tumblr Addict
Hey, Sam here. I'm a 16 yrs old girl with no social life and who lives in New York (not NYC). If you want me to follow you, just ask! I used to have the website: shyandbroken but changed. I spend most of my time watching a lot of Youtubers! My hobbies are watching tv, read alot and listen to music. I just reblog things I want to so no judging. I don't know what else to say....
@zozeebo: Really proud of @tyleroakley <3 He has achieved so much & I admire that x


"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"



Sometimes I really don’t feel like existing like not in a suicidal way but I just wish there was a way of pausing life so that I could sleep for a few weeks and figure some stuff out and then not have to feel guilty for missing loads of stuff because really no time had passed at all


It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only person who can see how evil and sneaky someone is and everyone else is like blind to it


so apparently “normal” people sleep in the pm hours and wake up in the am hours???


girls don’t like boys, girls like hannah hart


if you’re recovering from something, i’m proud of you. from a broken heart, to a broken leg. from addiction, to self harm. keep at it, you :)


If Tyler posts the Troyler collab on Thursday then it’ll be on the 1 year anniversary of their first collab together